malcolm X

Raven Lovejoy

                    Civil Rights Leader

  Born May 19,1925 Assassinated February 21,1965. Born Malcolm little and known as el-hajj malik was a African American Muslim minster and human right activist. To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks. The summer of 1964 moved on the while press called Malcolm all sorts of names in the newspaper for threating to use violence. He wasn’t saying violence was a good thing. He pointed out that while people had used violence against people of other color for centuries and the whites in the United States were still using violence. Even the colonies had used violence to free themselves for England he pointed out. At the rally at the Audubon ballroom that night Malcolm also stressed how important education was it is the means to help out children and our people rediscover their identity and thereby increase their self-respect he said. When we send our children to school in the country they learn nothing about us other than we used to be cotton pickers. Malcolm had great plans for the OAAU. He talked about neighborhoods getting rid of drugs and crime. He talked about African Americans and the need to UN brainwash an entire people. Malcolm told his people that the problem in the United States was something that uncle Sam would never solve. He told them that they needed to internationalize their struggle- get help and sympathy from other countries all over the world. He said it was wrong to see this as a matter civil rights.  It Was more a question of human rights! What African Americans wanted was something that every human being had a right to have.  Malcolm wanted to introduce a proposal in the united nations that said the united states wasn’t respecting the human rights of its African American people. Malcolm was also beginning to fear for his life. Ever sense he had left the nation of Islam he had rumors of threats to his life. In July Malcolm returned to Africa. this time he was away for 18 weeks. He traveled so much more then he had during his first visit. he met with religious and political leaders from many different countries including  Egypt ,Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana  Guinea, Kenya, And Uganda. This trip was also more formal than the first one had been. He was greeted as if he were a member of another government. He was granted the respect and attention that visiting heads of state usually get. Some of these leaders asked Malcolm about the new civil rights bill that had finally been signed into law on July 9 Malcolm made his position clear. This was no advance for their black brothers and sister in America. Some people didn’t think that Malcolm had achieved much on his trip or with his letter. Some people believed he should have been at home working on his new organization. But at least Malcolm reminded the African people that the problem of their brothers and sisters in the united states wasn’t over by a long way.  And this is my report on Malcolm X…



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