How does social media affect you individually?

How does social media affect me individually, it affects me in a good and bad way. I like how sometimes we can all come together for something and can have a positive affect on certain things. The bad affect is that some people get cyber bullied and it affects me because some don’t know what that person may be going through at that time. And that can lead to suicide some people don’t take bad criticism well.


How do you feel about the media trying to boycott Beyonce’ because of her dancers? I understand that some people want to speak their opinion on boycotting Beyoncé because of her dancers but I think that people need to leave her alone . I feel like she’s doing the right thing nothing was wrong with her dancer’s. Only the white people are making a big deal about it because the dancers are representing the black panthers. And they felt like the black panthers was doing wrong things leading us into the wrong direction but really was speaking the truth.